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Advanced Deployment Strategies:

An overview of the most common deployment strategies

Advanced Deployment Strategies eBook

Use Advanced Deployment Strategies to Deploy Code without Fear

What separates successful DevOps teams from unsuccessful ones? It’s the ability to deploy software quickly and automatically without fear. In addition, successful teams have strategies to reduce cycle time and mitigate risk.

With advanced deployment strategies, speed and quality go hand in hand. Advanced deployment strategies have enabled companies like Google, Netflix, and Amazon to accelerate software delivery and reduce cycle times in a safer, low-risk environment.

In this ebook, you will learn the most common strategies high-performing DevOps teams use to deploy software better, faster, and safer. Topics covered include:

  • Blue-Green Deployments – Minimize downtime during the “cut-over”
  • Canary Releases – Early warning system for potential issues
  • Dark Launches & Feature Toggles – A safe way to gauge interest in a new feature
  • Progressive Delivery – Control which users see which features and when

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