Argo Module

The Open CD Layer leverages the Argo Module for orchestrating GitOps deployments to Kubernetes environments. The Argo Module is a packaged version of the popular open-source Argo CD orchestration engine, ready for deployment within the OpsMx ISD platform. The Argo Module works seamlessly with the OpsMx ISD Intelligent Automation Modules, enabling breakthrough performance in multiple areas. For example, organizations using OpsMx ISD with the Argo Module can automatically verify Argo Rollouts deployments. Users can also apply automated advanced deployment strategies such as canary, blue-green, and progressive deliveries to their Argo deployments.


OpsMx ISD automates CD pipelines – harnessing the power of Spinnaker and Argo and deep integrations with 50+ popular CI/CD tools – with a user experience developers and DevOps teams will love

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