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Continuous Security & Compliance Module

Ensure compliance to industry standards and organizational policies while shipping your releases faster to production. Let intelligent automation help you quickly identify the who, what, when, where, and how for your pipelines and applications through audit reports and traces.

Static and Dynamic Policies

Define and Enforce Organizational Policies

Comply with your regulatory, security, and business practice policies with static compliance as code while having the freedom and flexibility to tie policy and control into your rapidly changing IT services.

Fine-Grained Policies

Compliance Made Simple

Create accurate coverage with controls by specifying them at an abstract level while enforcing them at the pipeline level by integrating with Spinnaker or Argo in OpsMx ISD.

Third Party Tools

3rd Party Tools
Simply Plug In Your Toolchain

Consolidate information from third party tools such as Gitlab, New Relic, App Dynamic, ServiceNow, Sonarqube, Sumologic, and more and automatically impose compliance policy.

SOX and Compliance Standards

SOX and Compliance Standards

Regulatory Compliance Resolution Throughout Your CD Pipeline

Mitigate risks by enforcing compliance policies like SOX at any stage starting from creation to change to execution of a pipeline.

Gates & Guardrails

Gates & Guardrails
Define Effective Gates and Guardrails for Your Pipelines

Ensure end-to-end policy enforcement with feedback loops throughout your software development lifecycle with automated implementation of restrictions and best practices

Auditability and Traceability

Inspect The Software Delivery Lifecycle to Determine Who, When and Where

Quickly identify the thoroughness of compliance preparation, best practices, and anomalies by viewing consolidated health reports from the full suite of tools in your software lifecycle journey.

Custom Filters

Easily Create Custom Filters to View Event Details

Rapidly gain a complete picture of an event by defining and placing custom filters.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive Notifications Through Your Preferred Apps

Receive notifications for any policy or regulation violations through the channels of your choice including email, Slack, HipChat, or SMS (via Twilio).

Alerts and Notifications

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