Enabling Continuous Verification for Your CI/CD Platform


Enterprises are finding out that as their release velocity increases, failures due to bad deployments also increase. With speed, comes the risk of releasing software without adequately testing the interactions and analysing the potential risks during production roll-out. The risk could also be due to a violation of compliance with regulatory or enterprise policies.

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OpsMx Autopilot Solution

A software to simplify and strengthen compliance and regulations across CI/CD

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“Cisco chose Spinnaker because of its ability to deliver both traditional and microservices applications onto multi-cloud environments, while providing mechanisms to enforce compliance, governance, and policies, and avoiding vendor lock-in.”


Anil Anaberumutt

IT Architect, Cisco

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About OpsMx

OpsMx provides an enterprise-ready multicloud continuous delivery platform based on Open Source Spinnaker that empowers enterprises to transform their delivery of cloud-native applications to release faster with greater confidence and less risk.

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