It’s a monumental day in the world of CI/CD!  Argo, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) first CI/CD project, has reached the Graduation stage of the CNCF project lifecycle. This is the highest level of maturity, achieved through the incredible efforts of the Argo open-source community. Congratulations, and Thank You to everyone in the community who played a part in reaching this significant milestone.

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Argo: Kubernetes Native Software Delivery

Enterprises have been adopting Kubernetes in droves, but one of the key challenges has been deploying and updating applications seamlessly. As microservices architecture becomes the norm, applications need constant updates to support continuous innovation. The ability to release code safely and predictably is critical.

Argo meets these needs with four Kubernetes-native sub-projects: Argo WorkflowsArgo EventsArgo CD, and Argo Rollouts.  A combination of Argo CD and Argo Rollout projects deliver GitOps-style deployments, including sophisticated out-of-the-box progressive deployments that reduce the blast radius of new releases. Argo Workflows allows enterprises to define complex parallel workflows for complete CI/CD orchestration along with Argo Events.  

Argo is actively used by over 350 organizations – a 250% increase since joining the CNCF Incubator in 2020 – including Adobe, Blackrock, Capital One, Google, Intuit, PagerDuty, Peloton, Snyk, Swisscom, Tesla, and Volvo. The chart below from a recent OpsMx survey shows the adoption of the Argo sub-projects, with Argo CD being the most popular.  

OpsMx: Enterprises Running Argo in Production with OpsMx

At OpsMx, we are excited to support the Argo community and help bring a developer-friendly, cloud-native CD solution to enterprise customers. OpsMx extends the capabilities of open-source Argo with add-on modules and services that help Enterprises adopt Argo in production, including:

Seamless management across multiple Argo instances from a single dashboard

  • Unified visibility across multiple Argo CD or Workflow instances
  • Software deployment metrics and deep insights across the entire Argo deployment, including DORA metrics
  • Comprehensive audit of all Argo CD/Workflow events for security and compliance
  • Automated policy and governance through integration with automated policy engine  (CNCF OPA).
  • Automated intelligent Rollout analysis with integration with various monitoring and security tools. This can automate the progressive deployment process. Watch it in action below
  • 24×7 enterprise support from a team of Argo, CD, and DevOps experts
  • Ongoing security validation of new Argo releases

The OpsMx Delivery Intelligence for Argo and the OpsMx Visibility and Audit for Argo modules are available now, with the OpsMx Policy and Governance module arriving early next year. All three work with the OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) solution, an open CD platform supporting Spinnaker CD and Argo projects. ISD makes it possible to use one solution to deliver software to VMs, Containers, and Functions, orchestrate Infrastructure as code deployments, and mix pipeline and GitOps deployment models.

More to Come

To borrow a graduation speech cliche, graduation is not an end but the beginning of what comes next. Please join us in celebrating today’s milestone for Argo, then look forward. You can help the community and the project grow by visiting the Argo Project and trying Argo for yourself. Or make your own contributions to the project. OpsMx is here to help!  Learn more by visiting ISD for Argo.

About OpsMx

Founded with the vision of “delivering software without human intervention,” OpsMx enables customers to transform and automate their software delivery processes. OpsMx builds on open-source Spinnaker and Argo with services and software that helps DevOps teams SHIP BETTER SOFTWARE FASTER.

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Balaji Sivasubramanian

Balaji Sivasubramanian is the Vice President of Product at OpsMx. He is passionate about creating and evangelizing winning products with expertise in all aspects of the business – strategy, product management, product marketing, GTM, and business development in early-stage startups and innovative companies. He is a Subject Matter Expert in CI/CD, DevOps, Applications, Containers/Microservices, Data Center IT / Cloud Infrastructure - Network, Compute, and Storage, IT Security, Machine Learning and AI, Enterprise, SaaS, and Cloud. He is an ambassador for the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF).



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