Continuous Delivery Foundation has its first CD summit as part of the KubeCon/CloudNativeCon in Barcelona in May’2019. The event had well over 400 attendees including CD practitioners from Apple, Adobe, Salesforce, ATT and ANZ bank.

CD Summit itself comprised of talks from the 4 projects in the foundation – Jenkins, Jenkins-X, Tekton, and Spinnaker. Also, Salesforce who recently the CD Foundation as an end-user member presented their CD journey. Overall, it was great to hear about all the current leading open source projects in the CD market.

If you missed attending the session, you can watch the video from the event below.

I was invited to talk about the Spinnaker Kubernetes Operator that we recently open-sourced at You can watch my talk below

If you are evaluating Spinnaker or interested in more information about Spinnaker Kubernetes Operator, please contact [email protected]

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Balaji Sivasubramanian

Balaji Sivasubramanian is the Vice President of Product at OpsMx. He is passionate about creating and evangelizing winning products with expertise in all aspects of the business – strategy, product management, product marketing, GTM, and business development in early-stage startups and innovative companies. He is a Subject Matter Expert in CI/CD, DevOps, Applications, Containers/Microservices, Data Center IT / Cloud Infrastructure - Network, Compute, and Storage, IT Security, Machine Learning and AI, Enterprise, SaaS, and Cloud. He is an ambassador for the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF).


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