Design Considerations for Enterprise-wide Rollout of Spinnaker

Spinnaker Summit 2018 is behind us with over more than 350 users of Spinnaker attending the summit in Seattle early this week.

Interest in Spinnaker among large companies is very high, and also a lot of these users are looking to rollout Spinnaker beyond a single pilot group.  

OpsMx has worked with many large Enterprise in solving this challenge, and we share our learnings for design considerations across different topics (see below).

  • Spinnaker high availability architecture for the Enterprise 
  • Deploying and managing Spinnaker best practices
  • User onboarding – Enterprise security for authentication and authorization
  • Applications onboarding for existing, new and multi-service applications
  • Automated verification – beyond canary to red/black, rolling update and reliability analysis
  • Visibility (Audit), policy control and compliance for Spinnaker CD
  • Supporting and maintaining Spinnaker

We are also delighted to get positive feedback from the community about the presentation like the one from Thomas Lin from Netflix

You can view the complete presentation below.

For questions, email us at, and we are happy to help with your Spinnaker deployment needs.   OpsMx provides consulting as well as on-going 24×7 support for Spinnaker. 

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