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This blog will guide you as to how to enable basic form authentication for Spinnaker via Halyard without involving any third party. 

For that, you first exec into the halyard pod. 

Below is the command to exec into the halyard pod: 

					Kubectl exec -it <> -n <> --bash

Step 1 : 

Follow this path to edit the content in the file:

					vi ~/.hal//profiles/gate-local.yml


is usually “default”

 Now add the below content to the file gate-local.yml


    enabled: true
    name: <>
    password: <>
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Step 2: 

Then you have to follow the below mentioned file path: 

					vi ~/.hal//profiles/settings-local.js

Once you are there, add the following content: 

					window.spinnakerSettings.authEnabled = true;

Then, apply the changes by  command  

					hal deploy apply 

Finally, you will be prompted with a form to enter the username and password  to access Spinnaker UI.

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  1. ashutosh joshi

    i am getting below error in gate pod while deploying basic auth in spinnaker , followed above steps :

    Key: security.basic.enabled
    Reason: The security auto-configuration is no longer customizable.

    gate-local.yml contains following :
    enabled: true
    name: *****
    password: ******

  2. brian

    I followed the instruction but seems it is not working, even I use incognito mode to test, it doesn’t requires the username and password.

  3. brian

    I found out it is the indent issue, once fix indent it is working fine.


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