Are you planning to modernize your software delivery using Spinnaker? Or already using Spinnaker to orchestrate software delivery? 

Superb! Join us at Spinnaker Summit and cdCon 2021, June 22-24.

OpsMx is delighted to bring you online sessions on various topics on continuous delivery that would make your software delivery process quicker, faster and smarter. We have some seasoned vintage professionals with rich experience talking about CI/CD best practices, making software delivery intelligent, and a workshop on Spinnaker.  

Our experts shall also exhibit our enterprise-ready, continuous delivery platform called OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES) and intelligent, continuous verification platform called AutopilotOur solutions have helped Fortune 100 companies to make their software delivery simple, scalable, and safe.

Please follow the details of the sessions below:

Source To Production Release Strategy 

At the Spinnaker Summit and cdCon 2021, the inaugural session will kick start with a workshop  jointly conducted by Robert Boule,  the Head of Sales Engineering, OpsMx, Nirmalya Sen, the Director of Engineering, OpsMx and Gopinath Rebala, CTO, OpsMx . It will be about how Spinnaker will help you to orchestrate the delivery pipeline and thereby optimize the entire value stream right from the code check-in in Git, build process in Jenkins to deployment in Kubernetes, AWS, GCP  and  Azure. Gear up for some useful tips and advice on how to ensure safe deployments  by getting to know how to set up and automate approval gates and frame appropriate roll out strategies. 

Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm EDT

 Date: Tuesday June 22, 2021

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How AI/ML is creating a differentiation for your Continuous Delivery initiatives?

Principal data scientist of OpsMx, Miss Anjali Batra, will take you through the impact AI/ML can have on continuous delivery. You will get to know how AI/ML   can decrease the time it takes to catch errors in the early stages of the software development itself. Get ready to be enlightened with some interesting insights on how the team at OpsMx, using the AI/ML techniques, solves the challenges of analyzing logs and metrics of distributed micro-services or identifying problems in deployment and production. 

Time: 9:00am – 9:30am EDT

Date: Wednesday June 23, 2021

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Migrating from packaged releases to continuous delivery and everything in between

Gopinath Rebala, our CTO, has played a very instrumental role in helping  many leading corporations around the world with regards to radically transforming the way they deliver software to their clients. Cashing in on his experience, you will get to know some valuable lessons learnt from those implementations. You will get to know some of the commonalities that emerge with respect to application architecture and the issues that might crop up while migrating to a Continuous Delivery solution. 

 Time: 9:00am – 9:30am EDT

 Date: Thursday June 24, 2021

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Automating Decisions to Achieve Speed and Stability with Continuous Delivery

Another exciting session, by Gopinath, is about visibility and automated decisions with Continuous delivery. As organizations increasingly adopt continuous delivery as a paradigm for delivering features at high velocity, there are significant challenges in the transition from existing software processes to true continuous delivery. We find organizations at various stages of maturity in achieving continuous delivery. There is significant friction in decision making for stability and security that include manual steps. In this talk about the challenges faced by organizations in terms of visibility into delivery data, automating the decision making process and discussing best practices adopted by organizations delivering thousands of changes a day. 

Time: 10:10am – 10:20am EDT

Date: Thursday June 24, 2021

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Spinnaker Success Story @Cisco – Scaling To Support Large Diverse Applications

Cisco is one of our happy customers who got greatly benefited by achieving continuous delivery using OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES). Anil Anaberumutt, the Technical Systems Architect at Cisco Systems will share his experience of how they successfully achieved the software delivery transformation capabilities with the help of OES. This session will also have Balaji, VP of Products at OpsMx, to you explaining in vivid detail how Spinnaker has been designed to support varied development requirements around multiple clouds.

Time: 10:45am – 11:25am EDT

Date: Thursday June 24, 2021

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Spinnaker Success Stories: Interswitch and a Large Telecom Provider

Another of our successful customers Interswitch and a large telecom provider are using Spinnaker to deliver releases faster and safer.  Spinnaker has emerged as a leading tool to provide scalable multi-cloud deployments among these enterprises. Spinnaker allows them to enable self-service, control (through policy integration), and deploy safely with automated verification. Join us in this session where Grace Akinsola, Program Manager, and AbdulBasit Kabir, DevOps Engineer of Interswitch, and Marc Andre Vanier, Business Solution Architect, Large Telecom Company, will be sharing their diverse perspectives on Spinnaker. They will explain how Spinnaker helped their organizations achieve radical transformation in software delivery in terms of scalability, velocity, quality, and safety. The fireside session will be moderated by Balaji Sivasubramanian, the VP of product at OpsMx. 

Time: 4:35 pm EDT

Date: Thursday June 24, 2021

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Offer, Offer, Offer!!

We have two exciting offers for you.

Ask-Me-Anything Session

Ask-Me-Anything is an exclusive knowledge giveaway. Ask a question and some of the best questions get featured in an exclusive 30 minutes session with our CTO, Gopinath Rebela.

Free Trial of Spinnaker SaaS

We recently launched the SaaS version of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker. Free trial is available, but is limited to the first 15 members to our booth. Hurry up. Request your free trial now.

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