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last updated on April 6, 2023

Gopal Dommety, OpsMx CEO, was recently featured in an article in Datanami about predictions for observability in 2023

Vendors will respond to the critical need for actionable observability across data infrastructure, data lifecycle, and data tools, says Gopal Dommety, CEO of OpsMx.

“In large companies, different groups take different approaches to deploying new applications and data sets, and they continue to deploy different new tools to manage their new environments,” he says. “The result is tool sprawl, workflow snags and compliance gaps. But in a world of ever-growing cyberthreats, evolving privacy regulations, and economic pressure to do more with less, actionable intelligence based on observability into the flow of data is essential for data security, data management and developer productivity. Logging into each tool to obtain the necessary insight is highly inefficient and error prone to the point of undermining productivity and leading to dangerous gaps in knowledge. In 2023, we expect development and management teams to rebel against this inefficiency and demand solutions that can automatically roll up the necessary insight from all their tools into a single dashboard that enables immediate action.”

Read the full article here


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