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Vardhan NS

last updated on September 6, 2021

Today marks a big milestone in the intelligent continuous delivery journey at OpsMx.  We are excited to announce the general availability of the OpsMx Intelligent Cloud – a SaaS solution delivered by OpsMx for our Enterprise customers.

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker has been a great success since the launch last year, with wide adoption across many verticals.  With the OpsMx Intelligent Cloud availability, we are simplifying how our customers can consume our products.   

Customers can sign up and use OpsMx Intelligent Cloud without worrying about installation or maintenance on-prem. In addition, if our SaaS platform needs access to any behind the firewall resources,  we allow you to securely connect to the OpsMx Intelligent Cloud through our secure remote agents.  With the remote agents,  enterprises can deploy to any cloud anywhere and at any time in a scalable fashion.

Benefits of OpsMx Intelligent Cloud include

  • Faster time to delivery
    • Start using OpsMx Intelligent Cloud immediately for software delivery – Nothing to install or maintain
    • 24×7 Monitored and maintained by OpsMx
    • 99.9% available (with higher availability met on request)
  • Safe and Secure
    • Secure access to remote clusters and resources
    • Secure tenant in the cloud
    • Granular RBAC
  • Deploy Anywhere
    • Deploy to on-prem or cloud clusters securely
    • Connect to remote resources
    • Scalable architecture to support 100s of remote clusters.

OpsMx Intelligent Cloud and additional features like improved observability and traceability are part of our new release 3.7 that greatly simplifies using our OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker without managing the CD platform.

Application and Service Observability:

With the OES 3.7 release, get unprecedented visibility into the application and services that are currently deployed across environments (such as QA, Staging, Production) and complete deployment history in single easy to navigate application and services views.

Real-time Application View

Figure 2: Real-time View of Application in Each Environment

Application Deployment History

Figure 3: Deployment History for Applications

Real-time Service View

Figure 4: Real-time View of Each Service and its Deployment History

In-depth Service Detail

Figure 5: Know In-depth Details About Any Specific Service Deployment

Enhanced Audit 

OES 3.7 release enhances our audit to understand the entire data exhaust of each release fully.  This feature allows the auditors to track the source code changes, the test results, scan results, policy, and approval information all in one place for a faster and more accurate audit of software delivery.

Enhanced Audit

Figure 6: Perform In-depth Audit and Tracing of Each Deployment.


Enforce Policy Easily on Any Pipeline

OES 3.7 release allows easy insertion of a policy gate in a Spinnaker pipeline through the OES gate.  OES policy management feature already leads the industry in terms of the ability to define policies and maintain them.  With the release, users can insert enforcement policy with one click into the Spinnaker pipelines.

Policy Insertion

Figure 7: Enforce Policies Through Policy Gate in the Pipeline


Reduce Issue Triage with Contextual Log Verification

We are excited to enhance our ML-based release risk verification to understand different contexts for log message clusters. In our previous release, we were able to identify if a log-cluster with error repeats.  Now, you automatically get the different context for the same error cutting down your issue resolution even further.

Contextual Log Clustering

Figure 8: Triage Issues Faster with Appropriate Context for Each Error

Datadog Logs and AppDynamics Metrics Now Supported in Verification

DataDog Log

AppDynamics Metrics

Our industry-leading machine learning-based verification continues to expand its sources of data ingest with the addition of DataDog Log (DataDog metrics has been supported previously) and AppDynamics Metrics.   These new sources build on top of existing support for Prometheus, Stackdriver, Cloudwatch, ELK, etc.

Self-Service to Add New Data Sources for Real-time Approvals

HCL AppScan

With OES release 3.7, we have enabled self-service ways for our customers to add their own sources of data to include for review as part of the real-time approval process.  You can specify the data that needs to be displayed through a template for your custom data source.   In addition, we have included support for HCL AppScan (DAST tool) as a natively integrated data source in this release.

Easy JFrog Artifactory and Atlassian BitBucket Account Setup in Spinnaker

JFrog ArtifactoryAtlassian Bitbucket

OES 3.7 release also supports easily configuring JFrog Artifactory, and Atlassian Bitbucket accounts in Spinnaker through the OES UI.  This is in addition to the previously supported list.

Please see the OES 3.7 Release Notes for more information on this release, including information on corrected issues.

OpsMx is a leading provider of Continuous Delivery Platform that helps enterprises safely deliver software at scale without any human intervention. We help engineering teams take the risk and manual effort out of releasing innovations at the speed of modern business.

Vardhan NS

Vardhan is a technologist and a marketing professional, currently working as a Sr. PMM at OpsMx. His strength lies in understanding complex technologies, and explaining them in un-complicated ways. Vardhan is a passionate Product Marketer with a keen focus on Content, helping brands Position themselves uniquely with clear messaging and competitive differentiation. Outside of work, he is an athlete that is passionate about Football, Swimming and Surfing.




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