Recently, OpsMx partnered with Google Cloud Platform. GCP customers can now download the OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) platform from the GCP marketplace and start transforming their software delivery process.

OpsMx ISD is a modern continuous delivery platform designed to eliminate human intervention in the software delivery process. ISD has two layers, orchestration and data Intelligence:

  1. The Delivery Orchestration layer, OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES), is a highly scalable, secure, multi-cloud continuous delivery solution that helps release software changes with high velocity and confidence.
  2. The Delivery Intelligence layer, OpsMx Autopilot, is used to determine the risk of software releases, reduce production errors, minimize compliance and security risks, and improve quality.

Why this partnership is important to all Google Cloud users

All GCP customers, irrespective of their Spinnaker usage, will benefit from this partnership.

  1. Google customers using Spinnaker will now get the ability to seamlessly deploy their code into GKE, GAE, and GCE. The partnership will offer subscription and professional support to provide highly available, production-grade Spinnaker for scale.
  2. Google customers also will get an opportunity to become cloud-agnostic, with the ability to deploy into multi-cloud (Azure/AWS/OpenShift/Oracle Cloud) with OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES).
  3. Customers of Google who are using CI/CD solutions like Argo CD, Jenkins, or Spinnaker, Tekton CD will now get an intelligence layer to analyze the risk of software at every stage of software delivery. Moreover, they can mitigate risks by implementing security checks and enforcing policies into delivery pipelines.

The partnership fosters the open-source ecosystem that will offer more flexibility to users and accelerate innovation compared with proprietary software.

If you want to check out our products at Google Cloud marketplace, click here.

OpsMx and Google Cloud will accelerate continuous delivery orchestration 

Google customers who are already using Spinnaker will get the following benefits from the OpsMx and Google partnership.

Orchestration for software delivery

Google Customer can now simplify building and managing pipelines to minimize orchestration, integration, and governance overhead with OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES). They can accelerate the velocity of software delivery by replacing manual scripts with automated workflows that scale across multi-cloud environments. They can leverage OES to release software safely and reliably to Kubernetes clusters by using built-in strategies like Canary or Blue-Green. 

Faster Onboarding of Cloud targets

Adding and managing new cloud targets is simplified with OES. Developers can add new cloud accounts in a self-service manner and set up appropriate access control without ever talking to the platform administrator. 

High available and highly scalable enterprise Spinnaker

With OpsMx, Google customers can scale as needed, deploying a nearly unlimited number of changes. We handle the HA/DR architecture, operation and management of Spinnaker platform, including deploying to any availability zone on any cloud. 

Subscription to fully hosted and securely managed

Google customers would now get an option to subscribe to managed or SaaS Spinnaker to avoid maintenance hassle. They can get started with SaaS Spinnaker which is being monitored constantly by OpsMx with SLA of 99.99%. SaaS Spinnaker will also allow them to securely deploy into remote Kubernetes clusters through our agent architecture. 

24*7 Spinnaker Support

With OpsMx, Google customer will now get “no-excuses” support including best practices, proactive troubleshooting and 24*7 monitoring of their Spinnaker environment.

OpsMx and Google Cloud will accelerate continuous delivery intelligence

 Deployment Insights – Delivery Metrics, Audit of Spinnaker CD Events

Google customers can now get real-time insights about deployments, pipeline execution, policy violation, and risks with OpsMx Autopilot. They can measure and monitor their CI/CD initiatives with various DORA metrics. The best part is Auditors will get historical information about organization-wide deployments at their fingertips to trace the person or the reason behind any policy violations.

 Software Verification

OpsMx Autopilot can be plugged with any CI/CD solution to determine the risk of software in each software delivery stage. Google customers can leverage the power of AI/ML to analyze metrics and logs to find outperformance and quality regression of software and avoid production failures. 

Essential Policy for Continuous Delivery

DevSecOps team can better control the software delivery process by defining and implementing SDLC policies in the delivery pipeline using Autopilot. 


OpsMx Autopilot provides 360-degree information about a release, allowing release managers to make a faster judgment on approval or rejection of a pipeline progression. 

Targets and other tools integration In Spinnaker

OpsMx Autopilot provides 40+ integrations, making it easy for Google customers to plug and fetch data in realtime.  

OpsMx Autopilot Community Edition
All Google customers using Spinnaker now get a free Spinnaker add-on to improve visibility, configuration, and Security.


Google cloud SIG (Special Interest Group) is the platform for sharing, discussing ideas around the Spinnaker adoption & usage on the Google cloud platform. This is a community of enthusiasts who are primarily focused on adopting Spinnaker on Google Cloud, Google AppEngine and are focused on solving the issues towards the adoption. 

The SIG prioritizes the issues around the adoption & usage of Spinnaker on Google Cloud, identifies the root cause of such problems, and fixes them. The fixes are uploaded on the open-source spinnaker (OSS) so that the entire community gets the advantage of the fixes. 

Google customers or Google Cloud users can highlight their issues around Spinnaker to this SIG. The SIG meeting happens every month, where issue prioritization happens, and then the SIG enthusiasts will fix them and provide the fixes on Open Source Spinnaker.

Gopal Dommety

Gopal Dommety is the CEO of OpsMx. Gopal is a serial entrepreneur and technology visionary. As CEO, he has built the team to scale the technology and go to market functions, and has proven product-market fit with customers like Cisco, Salesforce, Standard Chartered Bank, Juniper Networks, Albertsons, and many others. Prior to OpsMx, Gopal was the founder and CEO of N42, where he built a team of machine learning experts to address the problems companies face when running large scale virtual data centers. Gopal also was the architect behind multiple Cisco flagship products and designed Internet Protocols (RFCs) that are widely used in the Internet today. Gopal holds more than 60 patents in the area of large scale distributed systems. Gopal is awarded Ph.D in Computer Science and Master’s Management Science, and graduated from Stanford, Ohio State and IIT.



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