Continuous Delivery Foundation, an open-source software foundation dedicated to enhancing software delivery capability,  distributes CDF Community Awards to those who showcase progress in the realm of continuous delivery. This year OpsMx sponsored the CDF community awards and we are glad to present the awards to the winners who worked incessantly towards contributing and promoting continuous delivery.

Gopal Dommety, the  Founder & CEO  of OpsMx, congratulated the winners of the award. He added saying, “We are proud to sponsor the first-ever CDF Community Awards to shine a light & recognize just a few of the many amazing contributors to the fastest-growing projects for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). My heartiest congratulations to all the winners.” It was very encouraging to hear such words from him. 

Watch the whole ceremony here:

Tracy Miranda, Continuous Delivery Foundation Executive Director, also congratulated the winners and participants and quoted, “Communities are built on participation. The CDF Community Awards are meant to highlight all the effort and time that is required. It’s just one way of saying thank you!” 

Categories of CDF awards: 

Awards in the CDF Community were in the following categories: 

  • Top CDF Ambassador–  presented to those who actively promote the practice of CD
  • Top CDF Contributor– presented to those who make substantial contributions towards CD foundation
  • Top CDF End User – a token of recognition for an organization that has made formidable improvements in its CD journey and encouraged community participation as well. 

New Awards introduced for GitOps Summit

  • Top GitOps Evangelist award– presented to those who endorse the GitOps best practices

And the winners are………….

CDF Community Awards

Garima Bajpai, Founder of Canada DevOps Community of Practice, bagged this award. She is an active member of the cdCon program committee and a patron of the Ortelius project, where she built a recognition program for Ortelius project contributors.

Top CDF  Contributor

Dan Lorenc of Google won this award, who leads the CDF’s Technical Oversight Committee and helms the journey towards achieving the technical vision of CDF. 

Top CDF End user

Fidelity Investments was the winner of this award. It has been an active promoter of the initiatives of the CDF End user Council. Fidelity Investments has been encouraging great conversations around  CD through the End User Leadership Forum. 

Top GitOps Evangelist

Kara de la Marck of CloudBees and co-chairman of the CDF Interoperability Special Interest Group won this award. Kara promotes best practices for secrets management in GitOps and Kubernetes. Kara was also a keynote speaker at various conferences last year such as cdCon, GitOpsSummit, FOSDEM, and others. 

Congratulations to the Winners 

OpsMx heartily congratulates the recipients of the awards and is all praise for those who have been actively promoting the CD  practices through their unrelenting efforts and drive. 

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