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Many of the organization want to use Spinnaker to transform their software delivery. Spinnaker not only is the best tool because it is open-source, and  automatically deploy into multicloud, but also it API-based which provides greater flexibility to scale enterprise-wide by easily integrating with all CI/CD tool chain. However, there is a learning curve, training and support required to get started with the CD solution. Furthermore, the DevOps or SRE engineers have to take additional headache of maintaining performance and availability of Spinnaker service. At OpsMx, we wanted to provide an ability to jumpstart continuous delivery transformation journey- using production-grade Spinnaker for software delivery from Day-1, without worrying about the maintenance overhead.

OpsMx Intelligent Cloud: Intelligent Continuous Delivery SaaS Platform Built on Spinnaker

To put an end to the enterprises struggle to implement a safe and secure continuous delivery practice that scales for multi-cloud environments, OpsMx is excited to announce the general availability of OpsMx Intelligent Cloud, the OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES) SaaS solution. OES is a highly scalable, intelligent, multi-cloud deployment solution that has been adopted at large enterprises like Cisco, Google, Salesforce, Standard Chartered Bank, and Bell Canada.

OES leverages leading open source Spinnaker for its underlying multi-cloud orchestration functionality while adding simplicity, security, safety, and intelligence to the platform.

OpsMx Intelligent Cloud allows customers to accelerate their Continuous Delivery transformation for multi-cloud and quickly take advantage of OES’s enterprise capabilities. 

OpsMx approaches software delivery holistically by embedding intelligence throughout the entire Continuous Delivery process. This enables DevOps teams to deliver software faster with lower risk and higher reliability. OES collects, correlates, and analyzes data across the entire CI/CD toolchain, including security, QA, logs, performance metrics, and source-code data. It automates risk evaluation allowing for both automated and human-assisted delivery decisions. This results in increased speed, reduction in failures, and reduced reliance on domain experts.

“OpsMx intelligent cloud is a big step towards our vision of delivering software without human intervention,” said Gopal Dommety, CEO of OpsMx. “OpsMx intelligent cloud is super-easy for developers to use and simplifies the delivery across firewalls. It reduces both the human effort and the production failures that happen during software updates and works with your favorite CD Platform such as Spinnaker, Jenkins, Argo, etc.,” he added.

Enterprises can accelerate continuous delivery and leverage the production-grade features of OpsMx Intelligent Cloud:

Scalable Multi-Cloud Deployments with pipelines: OpsMx Intelligent Cloud natively support deploying applications to major cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, as well as Kubernetes. You get more than 30+ sample Spinnaker pipelines to get started with deployments. You can now deploy into AKS, EKS, GKE, on-prem K8S, minikube clusters, etc through easy-to-create, and easy-to-customize automated pipelines (refer the image below) without any scripts. Automatically update monoliths, microservices, and any required infrastructure changes with confidence. 

multicloud deployment using automated pipelines

Safe Deployment Strategies: With our Intelligent Cloud you can deploy applications quickly and safely through out-of-box support for deployment strategies like canary, blue/green, highlander, and other progressive roll-out strategies. OpsMx Intelligent Cloud supports istio, service mesh, statefulSet, ReplicaSet, and many Kubernetes resources to help you deploy sustainably. 

 Real-time Observability and Insights: It is now easy to perform informed application approval or promotion between different stages of the deployment pipeline through real-time data about the release, including source code changes, build information, source code analysis, SAST/DAST tool analysis, risk verifications, and policy checks. You can now measure the organization’s DevOps performance with the built-in DORA metrics dashboard in OpsMx Intelligent Cloud.

Realtime DORA Metrics to track CD initiative

Automated Verification: SREs and DevOps engineers can now identify potential errors by automatically analyzing metrics, logs, and test results using AI/ML. Your team can reduce the burden on senior engineers to validate releases, without increasing risk. Release managers can now rapidly assess data from dynamic and static scans, functional tests, metrics, and logs to identify and highlight anomalies that should be considered before approval.

Automated Verification of every release in CI/CD

Continuous Governance and Security: Compliance team can be brought into the CI/CD practice to decrease the risk of production failures and  with OpsMx Intelligent Cloud. Compliance managers can automatically define and apply SDLC policies in the pipeline and avoid production errors. With OpsMx Intelligent Cloud you get audit and traceability for all software delivery events, including what is getting delivered, who approved the release, and when it was approved. With comprehensive traceability, enterprises can clearly understand and manage the risk of releasing applications into production.

policy enforcement in Spinnaker pipelines
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