Software deployment is an inherently risky process. And the risk increases with scale. The more updates and pipelines, the greater the risk. Most organizations still use manual methods to analyze deployment errors and assess risks. Not only is this painfully tedious, but also a laborious and error-prone task. That is why organizations must gain insights into deployment data and identify risks in the build, deployment, test, and production stages of CI/CD. It helps them automate the risk assessment, save time, and ship better software.

At OpsMx, we recognize the importance of providing AI/ML-based solutions to software deployment problems. With this in mind, OpsMx has partnered with AppDymnamics. AppDynamics is a data collection tool trusted by many organizations. It offers application and database performance management, monitoring, and analytic tools to help identify and resolve performance issues.

What Does the OpsMx-AppDynamics Partnership Mean?

The OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) platform integrates seamlessly with the AppDynamics platform to create an intelligent ecosystem. This intelligence examines the performance metrics coming from the AppDynamics controller and analyzes statistical data to promote new software updates to production in a CI/CD pipeline. As a result, users get increased visibility into performance metrics data such as Response Time, Calls per Minute, and Error Rate. Based on this data, users can take action. So, OpsMx helps automate risk assessment, saves time, and improves the accuracy of promotion decisions.

Here’re a few key features and benefits that this partnership brings to the table-

  • Enables customers to release better software with lower risk into production. 
  • Allows users to determine whether the new software update is fit to be promoted to the production environment or not.
  • Detect regressions or anomalies rapidly, and roll back failed deployments rapidly.
Architechture of OpsMx-AppDynamics Integration

How Does It Impact Our Customers?

OpsMx customers, who rely on AppDynamics for Application Performance Monitoring, can leverage the combined solution to get a risk assessment and release verification based on the metrics data coming from AppDynamics.

Customers can use the OpsMx ISD and AppDynamics combined solution to-

Accelerate Troubleshooting– Get a detailed overview of root causes based on performance metrics data – such as Response Time, Calls per Minute, and Error Rate.

Detect Risky Changes Early On– Highlight risky changes and preventative measures

Compare data to make decisions– Decide if the new software update can be promoted to production in a Continuous Delivery pipeline

Improve deployment quality– Discover potential issues that may cause your deployments to fail in the future


Together, OpsMx and AppDynamics can help businesses simplify continuous verification. It empowers SREs and DevOps to mine the data generated by AppDynamics, analyze the risks, and take automated decisions so that users do not have to toil. 

About AppDynamics

AppDynamics provides application and database performance management, monitoring, and analytic tools to help you identify and resolve performance issues, drive business outcomes, increase user engagement, and deliver amazing user experiences. The OpsMx and AppDynamics integration enables customers to do continuous verification based on the monitoring data in AppDynamics. The monitoring data of the new software update are compared with the baseline to decide if the new software release is comparable to the software already running in production. This allows users to automatically decide whether the new software update is ready to be promoted to the production environment. 

Anushua Gorai

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