OpsMx brings you a fantastic podcast series outlining how one can secure continuous delivery using AI and ML. You can listen to the podcast here:

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The fireside chat, spanning across securing continuous delivery, happened between Funs Kessen, Principal Architect Security and Compliance ( earlier Principal Architect at AWS), and Gopal Dommety, Phd, CEO OpsMx. 

Interestingly, they discuss real-life customer pain points related to securing CI/CD and layout practical frameworks and tools that can be used to avoid risky release processes.

What to listen for:

  • [1:44] Understand the top three key aspects of security in Continuous delivery- Securing the Continuous Delivery (CD) process, Assessing the risk of deployable artifacts, and providing traceback to the source of problems.
  • [7:20] Learn the best practices and frameworks of secure continuous delivery like DevOps Automated Governance Architecture by IT revolution, Automated cloud governance (ONUG), Reliable software release process (Jez Humble and David Farley), Enterprise DevSecOps Reference design, and NIST
  • [12:32] Listen to the trick and jump from the lower to the upper stage in the DevOps maturity framework. You can also learn about valuable tricks to secure the CD process, such as breaking silos, setting goals, and using guards and guardrails.
  • [20:28] Understand how automation and machine learning can be used instead of tribal knowledge to fortify the three aspects of security without missing out on hidden patterns and insights in your delivery process. 
  • [26:35] Listen and find out how feedback-based AI/ML systems developed by OpsMx can be plugged into any CI/CD solution like Spinnaker, Argo CD, Jenkins, etc.. to understand an application behavior. The system can gather application performance data throughout the build, test, deploy and production and provide you insights about the risk of the application.
  • [29:00] Listen to the realities and critical takeaways from successfully implementing the fast and secured delivery process in many Fortune 100 companies using OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker.

Stay tuned for more podcast from OpsMx.

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