There have been many requests for Spinnaker on Red Hat containers by the community and our customers. Where our customers often have regulatory requirements around security, and compliance, and as a result require Red Hat Certified Images.

Today we’ve released Red Hat Certified Universal Base Image 8 based images for all Spinnaker services. These images are available from the Red Hat Container Catalog and DockerHub. Alongside the Certified images, there are also the:

  • Red Hat Certified Open Enterprise Spinnaker Operator from the Red Hat OpenShift Certified Marketplace which can be used to install Spinnaker in OpenShift 4
  • A Quay Application, that can be used as a custom operator in OpenShift 4’s Marketplace
  • The GitHub repository, which can be used for manual installation of the Custom Resource Definitions on K8s, OpenShift 3, and 4

Spinnaker Services

RedHat Certified images for all Services need to deploy and manage the life cycle of Spinnaker available: front50, igor, kayenta, minio, operator, fiat, rosco, halyard, redis, deck, echo, clouddriver, orca and gate.

Deploying with Halyard:

There are several ways the Red Hat Certified images can be used. When not using the Red Hat Certified Operator, the Quay application or the GitHub published Operator CRDs. The easiest way is using Halyard and specifying the artifactId that Halyard should use for each service. The artifactId can be altered by creating a service setting file for the specific service that contains the artifactId and references the specific container, and version of that container. For example; when using Spinnaker1.16.2, the corresponding Clouddriver version is 6.3.1, and the following gets added to the service settings file, .hal/default/service-settings/clouddriver.yml


When applying the configuration with hal deploy apply the spinnaker.yml file will be updated. The container will be pulled from the repository and gets deployed.

Version availability:

We plan to release new images at the same cadence as Spinnaker releases, based on the latest UBI 8 images. Today we support Spinnaker releases 1.15.1, 1.16.0, 1.16.1, and 1.16.2 on UBI8. Support for other 1.15 releases will be brought up to date.

In the next articles, a walkthrough of the Marketplace Operator, and CRDs will be showcased, stay tuned.

If you’re evaluating Enterprise Spinnaker, and need help with Red Hat Certified images, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]


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