Spinnaker 1.14 release was released on 20th May 2019. This release brings a lot of exciting highlights and updates including the following.

Managed Pipeline Templates V2 UI:

  • Spinnaker now supports managed templates UI for viewing, deleting or creating a new pipeline with available templates in Spinnaker.
  • These managed templates can be constructed from visual pipeline builder json as base pipeline.
  • There are also significant fixes for pipelines created from templates that include ability to rerun the pipeline and manual execution of the pipeline created from templates.

RBAC extension with execute permissions for Applications:

  • Spinnaker introduced execute permission to application along with read and write permissions. With this new feature, applications can now provide explicit execute permissions to groups that are allowed to run the pipelines.
  • The execute permission for backward compatibility will be associated with read permission of application. This can be configured in fiat to associate execute permission only to the groups with write permission. 

Improved custom banners for Applications:

  • Markdown format is now supported for custom banners to applications. The banner data supports links and formatted text as part of the banner text display.

Breaking change in CRON expressions for pipeline triggers:

  • Quartz library updates has broken the compatibility with existing CRON triggers. Click here for detailed instructions to update existing pipelines with CRON triggers

Revamped Canary Reports and analysis with time offset:

  • The charting and data visualization supports new chart type — the Bee swarm Box Plot chart. There have been various performance improvements in analysis display.
  • Canary metrics has a new mode of comparison using “Baseline Offset” – using this field the canary metrics can be compared to baseline from an earlier time.
  • For example, compare the canary metrics with baseline from 4hrs prior to beginning of canary by setting baseline offset to 4hrs.

For detail and a complete list of the updates, check out the 1.14 changelog


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