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Spinnaker 1.15 release was released on 19th Jul 2019. This release brings a lot of exciting highlights and updates including the following.

Override Kubernetes Manifest Namespace in Deploy Manifest stage

  • Manifest namespace can now be overridden in the Deploy Manifest stage via the Override Namespace option. If selected, the overridden namespace will be injected into each manifest before it is deployed.
  • This feature enables the use of Helm charts from the Stable repository as many of them are missing the required namespace template to work with Bake Manifest.

ECS Support for Task Definition Artifacts:

  • This feature allows Task Definition attributes, including multiple containers, to be defined in an artifact (JSON file) and used in conjunction with pipeline images and other server group settings to deploy to ECS.
  • There is a risk associated with downgrading to a previous Spinnaker version after having used this change to create ECS server groups.
  • This feature includes a change in the behavior of which allows for tasks with multiple containers to be described.
  • Previous to this change, getTaskPrivateAddress would fail if more than one container was found in the task.

Artifacts Rewrite

  • A new expected artifacts UI is now available which makes usage of expected artifacts more intuitive.
  • The new expected artifacts UI will allow users to declare their expected artifacts alongside their defined triggers.
  • To enable the new artifacts UI a user would need to enable the artifactsRewrite feature flag.

Performance Improvements to Kubernetes V2 Provider

  • The performance of the Kubernetes V2 provider when caching and deploying to large Kubernetes clusters has been significantly improved.

Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry Providers Dynamic Accounts

  • Spring Cloud Config has been integrated into Clouddriver to add support for sourcing account configuration from external sources like Git and Vault.
  • This also adds support for dynamically refreshing credentials for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes while Clouddriver is still running, allowing users to roll out new account configurations without re-deploying Spinnaker. Documentation is forthcoming.

For detail and a complete list of the updates, check out the 1.15 changelog


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