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Anoop Tej Thotapalli

last updated on July 27, 2022

Spinnaker 1.16 release was released on 9th Sep 2019. This release bring in a lot of highlights. Here we share the summary of important improvements.

Dynamic Accounts for Echo and Igor

Account specific CRDs for V2 provider

  • From the prior version, a bug was observed where the CRDs would be registered with all kubernetes accounts. In this release, Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) that are configured for a specific Kubernetes V2 account using the customResources field will now only be available for that account.

Kustomize support in Bake (Beta)

  • The most awaited/requested Kustomize has been added as a rendering engine for the Bake (Manifest) stage.
  • Now, users can supply a Kustomization File artifact which allows them to fetch and download all the dependencies needed to render the final manifest.

For detail and a complete list of the updates, check out the 1.16 changelog


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