Overview: Spinnaker 1.18 was released on 22nd Jan 2020. This release brings fixes, features, and performance improvements across a wide feature set in Spinnaker. Here we share the summary of important improvements Prerequisites:

  • This release requires Halyard Version 1.29.0 or later.

List of New Fixes and Features:

  • Introducing support to deploy and manager Alibaba Cloud load balancers.
  • Supports to execute CloudFormation Changeset:
    • This stage allows users to manage a changeset that allows users to review the changes in the AWS infrastructure before applying them.
    • This new feature enables users to pause the pipeline execution until the user executes the change manually through Deck itself without having to go to AWS console. Users can also configure pre-defined behavior when the created changeset contains a “replacement” in CloudFormation jargon, which can protect users from data-loss and unrecoverable changes in the infrastructure.
  • ECS Services with Multiple Target Groups
    • The ECS provider now supports routing traffic from multiple load balancers to your ECS service.
  • InitContainer logs to Kubernetes V2 provider container logs
    • Now Spinnaker adds into View your pod init Container and container logs side by side from the Spinnaker UI.
  • Surface managed pipeline template versions and enable actions
    • The Managed Pipeline Templates V2 UI now displays all versions of a given template. Individual template versions can be viewed, deleted, or used to create a new templated pipeline
    • For more details and a complete list of the updates, check out the 1.18 changelog.


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