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Spinnaker 1.19 was released on 11th Mar 2020. This release brings fixes, features, and performance improvements across a wide feature set in Spinnaker. Here we share the summary of important improvements Prerequisites:

  • This release requires Halyard Version 1.32.0 or later.

List of New Fixes and Features: Removal of Kubernetes V1 Provider:

  • It is proposed and scheduled to Kubernetes V1 provider will no more be part of Spinnaker from Release 1.21. Refer to this GIT for more details. When this change is done, Kubernetes account configuration with an unspecified provider version will default to V2. Users should update the HAL config to specify provider version: V1 for any current active account on V1 provider.

Switch to JAVA 11:

  • The Java 11 JRE runs Spinnaker when deployed to a Kubernetes cluster using Halyard (or if you consume the official containers in some other way). In case of any issues, or your organization isn’t ready to run Java 11 in production, you can specify deploymentEnvironment.imageVariant: JAVA8 (or UBUNTU_JAVA8) in your Halyard config.
  • Users should switch to Java 11 JRE by Spinnaker 1.21, which is scheduled to be released in early July. Click here for more info on the upcoming schedule.

IAM roles for ECS:

  • IAM service-linked roles are now required by the ECS provider to use with ECS and Application Auto Scaling.
  • Deployments to AWS accounts that do not already have service-linked roles for these AWS services may see failed deployments after upgrading to Spinnaker 1.19.
    • To create the required service-linked roles, run the following:
aws iam create-service-linked-role --aws-service-name ecs.amazonaws.com
aws iam create-service-linked-role --aws-service-name ecs.application-autoscaling.amazonaws.com

For more details and a complete list of the updates, check out the 1.19 changelog.


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