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Vardhan NS

last updated on August 3, 2022

Release date:

This release on 08-31-2020 includes fixes, features, and performance improvements across a wide feature set in Spinnaker. This section provides a summary of notable improvements followed by the comprehensive changelog.


This release requires Halyard version 1.32.0 or later.

List of Fixes and New Features:

(Breaking Change) Suffix no longer added to jobs created by the Kubernetes Run Job stage.

Dockerfile GID/UID changes:

The Dockerfile of each Spinnaker microservice (except Halyard and Deck) now specifies an explicit GID and UID of 10111 for the spinnaker user. This is only a breaking change if you were relying on the previous non-deterministically assigned GID and UID (for example, in a custom Kubernetes (security context).

Spinnaker UI Update: 

Spinnaker’s UI has changed! The application’s nested menus are now represented as a flat list on the left side of the browser window. The menu can also be collapsed into a condensed view. This allows for better utilization of screen real-estate, and support for any number of additional application pages. As plugin support continues to improve, the revamped navigation will give you more flexibility within the UI to make Spinnaker your own. This update also includes changes to the overall layout and design of some application pages to take better advantage of larger screen sizes.

For a complete list of the updates, check out the 1.22.1 changelog.

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Vardhan NS

Vardhan is a technologist and a marketing professional, currently working as a Sr. PMM at OpsMx. His strength lies in understanding complex technologies, and explaining them in un-complicated ways. Vardhan is a passionate Product Marketer with a keen focus on Content, helping brands Position themselves uniquely with clear messaging and competitive differentiation. Outside of work, he is an athlete that is passionate about Football, Swimming and Surfing.



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