Meet OpsMx at Red Hat OpenShift Commons Event

Enterprises turn to containers to modernize their applications and typically select OpenShift for container applications infrastructure.  But to automate applications deployment across test, QA, staging/production OpenShift clusters, to audit the deployments for compliances and to get end-to-end visibility for dev and ops, Enterprise need a modern Continuous Delivery Platform.

In this briefing, you will learn how Spinnaker is the right choice for your Continuous Delivery of applications to OpenShift deployments. Also, learn about the new OpsMx Spinnaker Operator to  reduce the time to onboard Spinnaker.|spinnaker-opsmx|954

Gopal Dommety

Gopal Dommety is the CEO of OpsMx. OpsMx was founded with the vision of “delivering applications with no human intervention". OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker, a multi-cloud, and cloud-native Continuous Delivery Platform, is trusted by many Fortune-100 enterprises. Previously he was the CEO of N42 and held senior roles at Cisco. Gopal studied Computer Science at IIT (Kharagpur), Finance & Public Policy at Stanford University, and obtained a Ph.D. in Large Scale Distributed Systems from Ohio State University. He was awarded 61 US Patents and designed widely deployed and popular Internet Protocols.


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