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Vardhan NS

last updated on November 29, 2021

If you are reading this, you are probably evaluating Spinnaker for continuous delivery of your cloud-native applications to Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure or OpenShift. Spinnaker is an opensource project that has achieved serious traction in many organizations including Netflix, Waze, Intuit, Pure Storage, Cisco etc.

Enterprises have selected Spinnaker primarily for the ability to automate end-to-end deployment from developer code-checkin to safe deployment in your production environment. Spinnaker provides built-in safe deployment strategies and ability to integrate into your existing tools for CI, image repository or custom web hook stages.

So, then what are you waiting for?

If you are like most large enterprises, adopting an opensource solution for your core development tool is scary. Following may be some of your concerns or questions:

  • Vendor Lock-in: I saw a vendor version of Spinnaker that may have some of the features I want, but I would hate to get stuck with another vendor. After all, I am trying to get away from such an arrangement with my current tool. Is there another way to get support and value-add without lock-in?
  • Support: My developers are around the globe, and I need to be able to support them 24×7. I don’t have the staffing to provide support from my team.
    I need a specific feature that would also benefit the community but how do I go about influencing the community?
  • Bugs: I may be running into a bug, but I am not getting a response on the slack channel? Do I have to spend time looking at the code or chase down a developer to fix the bug?
  • New Releases: New major versions are released every two months, and bug-fix releases are released every week. Testing every update is a lot of work. Do I upgrade or wait?
  • Documentation: There is a lack of documentation for most features or has old content. I need help.

Luckily, you have found the right page. At OpsMx, we believe in providing no lock-in Spinnaker support and value-add that most enterprises desire.

We call our solution Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES). Here are some of the key value proposition of OES

  • No Vendor Lock-in Distribution: You get the latest OSS Spinnaker from upstream, and we support you with 24×7 support.
  • Enterprise Value-Add without Lock-in: You get the following value-add (more planned in upcoming updates) without lock-in (provided as an independent service that interacts with your OSS Spinnaker deployments.
    • Spinnaker lifecycle Management – Install new, upgrade/downgrade, configure Spinnaker with easy to use UI
    • Application Onboarding: Quickly onboard users and applications to the OES and scale with pre-defined beginner and advanced application templates.  Ensure compliance with managed locked-down templates.
    • Machine Learning based Automated Release Verification: Verify new software releases for suitability for production including reliability and business impact in an automated fashion during Canary or Red/Black or Rolling Red/Black or post-deployment in production. Leverage machine learning to analyze logs, metrics and APM data to minimize errors and automate verification.
    • Enforce Compliance Policies: Enforce enterprise or regulatory compliance policies in an automated fashion as part of the continuous delivery process.
    • Audit: Automate audit of the entire continuous delivery and track who deployed, what, when and who approved the deployments. Also, set up alerts for any violation.  
    • CD Dashboard: Monitor the KPI of your continuous delivery through a single dashboard. Developers and Operations can have access to view the performance of their authorized applications.

OpsMx also provides Spinnaker rollout services for Enterprises needing custom integrations into existing tools and processes and training for the organization.

If you are considering Spinnaker for your continuous delivery, reach out to us for no obligation free consultation and you have nothing to lose.

You can reach us here.

Vardhan NS

Vardhan is a technologist and a marketing professional, currently working as a Sr. PMM at OpsMx. His strength lies in understanding complex technologies, and explaining them in un-complicated ways. Vardhan is a passionate Product Marketer with a keen focus on Content, helping brands Position themselves uniquely with clear messaging and competitive differentiation. Outside of work, he is an athlete that is passionate about Football, Swimming and Surfing.



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