Autopilot for Build Verification

Manually verifying releases and diagnosing build failures from CI/CD machine logs consumes hours of dev and ops teams’ time every day, reducing productivity and increasing time to market for a new software. OpsMx Autopilot is an ML/AI-powered Continuous Verification platform, that helps developers work smarter and faster by quickly identifying build issues at scale with any CI/CD tool.

Build Assessments

Autopilot enables teams to understand the status of their builds from a single pane of glass based on continuous AI/ML-powered analysis and assessment of CI/CD logs- build, infrastructure and service logs.

Automated Decisioning

Integrate Autopilot with your CI/CD deployment pipeline to automatically notify all stakeholders about failed builds needing attention, and passed builds for additional testing and deployment stages.


Build Diagnosis and Triage

AutoPilot uses AI and ML-based algorithms to identify the critical and relevant problems in a build and provide teams with rich context, enabling quick diagnosis and resolution of build issues.

Build Visibility & Insights

Get a consolidated view about statuses like latency, resource usage, or other infra errors during the build process. Use Autopilot to analyze historical build data, detect patterns, and identify the point of friction so that operation engineers can take actions based on the prescriptions provided.

Key Benefits

Elevate Developer’s Productivity

With the quick intelligence from build logs, the average time to identify critical issues decreases at least by 70%. Autopilot helps developers work smarter by minimizing their issue tracking time.

Deliver Software faster

The more time a developer gets to resolve a build error, the less time a code stays in build phase, and quickly gets transferred to test phase soon. This elevates the speed of software delivery into production.

Gain Visibility

Consolidated information about resource utilization in infra during build phase gives Operation team the visibility and convenience to solve persisting infra issues.

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