Multi-Cloud Deployment:

Built-in Multi-Cloud Deployment Support

Multiple Cloud Platforms? No Worries, We Have You Covered

Benefit: Repeatable deployments without scripting

Automatically deploy applications on bare metal, container, VM, or serverless platform through our integration with all clouds - private cloud (OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker, vSphere) or public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) using templates. Extend the integration to your environment with a community (10,000+) backed framework.

Built-in Safe Deployment Strategies

Canary, Blue/Green, and Custom Strategies - At Your Fingertips!

Benefit: Safe deployment with consistency

Safely deploy with ready-to-use built-in deployment strategies- Blue-Green, A/B, canary, rolling update, or your custom strategy.

Built-in Safe Deployment Strategies

1-Click Rollback

1- Click Rollback

Found Production Problem? Just Rollback with 1-Click

Benefit: Quickly mitigate deployment risks

Quickly avoid unforeseen application performance or quality degradation by rolling back to the previous working version with just one click.

Real-time Visibility & Insights

Clear Deployment Fog

Benefit: End-to-end deployment visibility

Gain deep visibility into all the stages of deployment, and understand the reason behind a deployment failure; resolve your errors and issues fast to improve your delivery process.

Policy Driven Deployments

Deployment Control

Got Control? Conquer Static & Dynamic Policies

Benefit: Policy enforcement at every stage of deployment

Easily navigate changing policies with fine-grain controls both at creation and run-time of deployment pipelines with declarative specifications.

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