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Continuous Security

Mitigate risks while frequently deploying software into production through integrating security best practices into all stages of deployment. Secure release pipelines, manage user authentication and role based authorization, and ensure built-in protection across multiple teams, point tools, and infrastructure through hardened Spinnaker.

Continuous Deployment
Comprehensive Secrets Management Integration

Integrated Secrets Management

No one has the keys to the kingdom
Benefit: Improved security over Spinnaker configuration files

Keep Spinnaker configuration files in source control while protecting secrets with a 3rd party secret store- HashiCorp Vault, AWS KMS/ Key Store, or Azure Key Vault.

Industry Standard Authentication

Restrict Access using OAuth, SAML, LDAP, X.509, Github teams.
Benefit: Controlled access and restrictions

Restrict access to pipelines, projects and accounts by hooking into the authentication systems that you are already using, such as OAuth, SAML, LDAP, X.509 certs, Google groups, Azure groups, or GitHub teams.

Industry Standard Authentication
OES - Enterprise Security

1-Click Rollback

They Can, She Can, He Can’t
Benefit: Granular role based permissions to users

Manage the accessibility of resources and support privilege escalations for authorized access of users and groups through fine-grained control.

Hardened and Certified Spinnaker with Secure APIs

Secure communication for all – Fiat, Front, Cloud Driver and more
Benefit: Highly secured internal microservices communication
Leverage secured internal service-to-service communication between the Spinnaker microservices and reduce risks.

Use enterprise-ready Spinnaker that is stable and supported through Redhat Openshift Certified Operator and the Redhat Certified Containers, and receives frequent feature and security updates.

Built in Secure Communication
Industry Standard SecurityToolsIntegration

Integration with SAST, DAST and other security tools

Gain Peace of Mind with your Pipelines
Benefit: Mitigation of risks associated with production

Gain comprehensive risk visibility and control over your CD pipeline through integration with logs, metrics and APM tools as well as Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), and Software Composition Analysis (SCA). Ensure readiness of Software Delivery.

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