Developer Self-Service for Continuous Delivery

Enable autonomous teams to run CD pipelines

As the rate of software innovation has accelerated, the traditional way of providing IT support has become a significant constraint. IT teams that handle automated procedures and are gatekeepers to executing tasks drive longer lead times, directly impacting revenue and brand.

As enterprises scale out their Continuous Delivery practices, centralized IT organizations need to transition to a self-service delivery model, which gives developers and decentralized teams the autonomy they need to deliver software at the speed of the business.

Self-Service Application Onboarding

Leverage ready-to-use pipeline-as-code templates for deployment into Kubernetes. Our unique architecture enables self-service deployments across security zones utilizing canary, blue-green, and highlander deployment strategies with automated rollbacks.

Developers can easily add an application, its services, and deployment pipelines while ensuring adherence to the organization’s best practices, security and compliance policies.

Decentralized Control Model

Employ a decentralized control model that creates virtualized, secure team spaces which enable autonomous teams to run CD pipelines without the overhead of operating separate, isolated CD systems. It also allows central groups – such as security, compliance, and DevOps shared services – to enforce compliance over the virtualized workspaces.

Secure Support for Distributed Teams

Allow dispersed global teams to securely connect to their distributed tools and infrastructure without requiring them to be in the same security domain.

Organizational or team-level policies and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) applied to all DevOps tools and deployment targets ensure security and compliance.

Key Benefits


High and Faster ROI

Onboard development teams faster and increase tool adoption. Removes the burden placed on DevOps and SREs teams and reduces associated high operational expenses


Reduce lead time for changes

Reduce time to identify errors in build, deploy, test, and production phases from hours to seconds with the built-in diagnostic features.


Enforce Organizational Best Practices and Policies

Enable DevOps teams to create accurate compliance policy coverage with controls, gates, and guardrails by specifying policies at an abstract level while enforcing them in the deployment pipeline.

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