Meet OpsMx at DevOps World 2020
A team of DevOps thought leaders, continuous delivery practitioners, innovative developers, open source community contributors who are disrupting today's landscape of software delivery with a vision to deliver software without human intervention

Event Dates:September 22-24, 2020 between 6 am–2 pm (PDT)

Modernize your Software Delivery with OpsMx Experts @DevOps World

Already registered! Awesome. Visit our booth to know from our experts the secret to modernize your software delivery. Our solutions have helped Fortune 100 companies to make their software delivery simple, scalable and safe. A glance at our products:

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES)

Continuous delivery platform that helps to:

  • Decrease developer burnouts by 80% through automated pipelines

  • Scale app deployments into hybrid and multi-cloud (GCP, AWS, Azure, OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc..)

  • Make your enterprise 100% compliant to HIPAA, SOX, etc.

  • Reduce the risk of releases by 3x

  • Get 360-degree real-time visibility of deployments

Autopilot, industry-first AI/ML-powered

Continuous verification platform that helps to:

  • Assess the risk of your new releases and take decisions automatically

  • Find the root-cause of issues for rapid diagnosis.

  • Provide real-time visibility and insight into the performance and quality of new deployments

  • Reduce time-consuming and error-prone manual verification processes by 3X

Excited to talk to industry leaders and Continuous Delivery experts for a deep-dive session?

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Keynote Sessions by OpsMx @DevOps World 2020

OpsMx Speaker @ DevOps World 2020

Marky Jackson,

Director- Open Source, OpsMx

He has over 25 years of experience in software engineering. He is a Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) ambassador, Spinnaker Contributor, and one of the core maintainers of Jenkins and Jenkins X project. Marky is a software developer, lover of family and friends and a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan.

Join Us and Bring Systemic Change with OpsMx

This year we have decided not to distribute prizes but to contribute $2, for anyone who joins us at DevOps World, to COVID 19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, and BlackGirlsCode. Join and lead the change with us!

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