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Developer Self-Service with Spinnaker

Reduce Deployment Complexity Using Spinnaker

As the rate of software innovation has accelerated, the traditional way of providing IT support has become a significant constraint. As enterprises scale out their Continuous Delivery practices, centralized IT organizations need to transition to a self-service delivery model, which gives developers and decentralized teams the autonomy they need to deliver software at the speed of the business.

Open source Spinnaker provides an excellent base platform to support a self-service onboarding model. However, like most IT tools, Spinnaker implements a standard, centralized administrative model that works really well for smaller organizations and workgroups

This solution brief discusses how OpsMx can help you implement a developer self-service model with Spinnaker. OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker provides a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade features to ensure you can securely deploy and release software with the speed and quality your business demands.

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