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Best Practices to Implement DevSecOps


Make Your Software Delivery Secured and Compliant

Security might look like a deviation from the usual DevOps cycle. Still, it is essential to make it a part of the DevOps pipeline to avoid service disruption, security breaches, cyberattacks, and compliance non-adherence. Cases like Solarwinds Orion and Log4J attacks are fresh and remind us about the reputation and monetary losses of data breaches.

Read this ebook to find out security and risk mitigation strategies that can be made a part of the delivery process to practice DevSecOps.

Suppose you are a DevOps engineer, platform architect, security, or compliance manager; you will find the book valuable, as it provides important elements to enhance the security posture of any software delivery process. You will learn about:


  1. Top drivers which have made security an essential component of DevOps methodology today
  2. Three pillars to make security a part of the DevOps process
  3. Breaking the siloed operation and integrating security as a part of your delivery pipeline
  4. Detecting risk of software release early in the delivery process
  5. Enforcing organizational SDLC policies to achieve compliance with standards

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