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Security is an essential part of the DevOps pipeline to avoid service disruption, security breaches, cyberattacks, and compliance non-adherence. Cases like Solarwinds Orion and Log4J attacks are fresh and remind us about the reputation and monetary losses related to data breaches.

Read this ebook to find out best practices around security and risk mitigation strategies that can be integrated and automated into the software delivery process to implement DevSecOps.

If you are a DevOps engineer, platform architect, security, or compliance manager; you will find this ebook valuable, as it provides insights into the important elements to enhance the security posture of any software delivery process.

Read this eBook to Learn->

  • Top Drivers for DevSecOps
  • Three Pillars to Achieve DevSecOps
  • Integrate & Automate Security into the DevOps Pipeline
  • Enforce Policies for Security, Governance and 100% Compliance
  • Discover Current Security Posture and Identify Risk Early
  • Enable DevSecOps To Secure Your Software Release & Delivery

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