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Add Continuous Delivery to Jenkins and Break the Scripting Curse

Modernize Continuous Delivery for Jenkins eBook

Move Beyond Jenkins and Transform your Software Delivery Process

Jenkins is the most popular Continuous Integration (CI) tool globally. Many people have tried to extend Jenkins to ship code to production faster. However, Jenkins was not designed to deploy changes, especially at scale, and results in difficult to create and maintain deployment scripts.

Major corporations that have embraced Jenkins for CI have moved beyond it for their Continuous Delivery (CD) needs. Many now use OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) with Jenkins to transform their software delivery and deployment process.

Topics covered in this eBook:

  • Eliminating scripting and plug-in maintenance
  • Make deployment to multi-cloud rapid, safe and reliable
  • Automate release verification at all stages of the delivery pipeline
  • Be informed of deployment risks in real-time and speed remediation
  • Automate security and compliance within your software delivery pipeline

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