Intelligent Automation Modules

The Intelligent Automation Modules enable OpsMx ISD Platform users to automate and accelerate typical use cases such as workflow approvals, security and compliance, and deployment verifications. The Modules are powered by the OpsMx ISD Intelligent Automation Layer which continuously analyzes data from the Open CD Modules and all integrated CI/CD tools to assess the current status of all delivery pipelines and intelligently manage the workflows.

All Modules are available to OpsMx ISD Platform users for intelligently automating their Continuous Delivery process. Individual Modules are available separately to address specific needs. Further information is available on our Pricing page.



OpsMx ISD Modules

AI-Driven Delivery Verifications

The AI-Driven Delivery Verification Module applies AI-powered intelligence to verify all software releases throughout the delivery pipeline including compliance to security and enterprise policies.

Continuous Security and Compliance

The Continuous Security and Compliance Module enables security and compliance organizations to define organization-wide policies that are automatically enforced across all release workflows.


Visibility, Insights and Approvals

The Visibility, Insights and Approvals Module ingests and analyzes all CI/CD toolchain data from each workflow to continuously assesses risk and make automated, informed approvals with full visibility for each release.

Audit and Software Supply Chain

The Audit and Software Supply Chain Intelligent Automation Module monitors and logs all software delivery events including CI/CD toolchain data in real-time to enable supply chain traceability and security audits.

OpsMx ISD automates CD pipelines – harnessing the power of Spinnaker and Argo and deep integrations with 50+ popular CI/CD tools – with a user experience developers and DevOps teams will love

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