Policy and Governance for Argo

Governance and policies are implemented to make SDLC compliant with industry best practices and standards. But manual policy checks can be a bottleneck to GitOps deployment. DevSecOps team needs to enforce security checks into their deployment and delivery processes to release business features quickly without any risks. The policy and governance module for Argo CD can be used to automatically enforce security, approval, and operation policies in your GitOps process.

Argo Governance-Compliance

ISD for Argo- Policy and Governance Module

Policy-enforced GitOps deployment

Implement policy checks into Argo CD GitOps workflow with policy and governance module. Easily define policies such as BlackOutWindow and release applications with security guards and guardrails to avoid introducing risks into the new deployments.

Enterprise security with AuthN & AuthZ

Implement security frameworks like LDAP/SAML to all Argo CD and Argo Rollouts instances from a single plane. Enable role-based access controls for users such as DevOps, developers, and Ops team to use Argo with the least privileges.

Secret management

Avoid storing sensitive information in Git. With a policy and governance module for Argo, the DevOps team can ensure tokens, passwords, certificates, and API Keys related to Argo are stored in Vault and secure GitOps practices in production.


Delivery intelligence for Argo CD

Accelerate application delivery by automating deployment analysis and release verification.

Advanced deployment strategies using Argo

Get insights into determining the right deployment strategy for your GitOps deployments to Kubernetes using ArgoCD.

Visibility and control for Argo

Central plane to visualise and control enterprise-wide deployments, applications, Argo instances, and CD workflows.

Benefits of Policy and Governance module for Argo

Foster Collaboration

With policy & security validation integrated into Argo GitOps workflow, the dev, ops & security team see security as a shared responsibility and collaborate to mitigate enterprise risks

Boost developer’s confidence

Automated policy controls during the GitOps deployment process increase engineers’ confidence about not inadvertently introducing any problems into production.

100% compliance

Ensure your software releases are 100% compliant with governance and industry standards such as SOX and HIPAA while maintaining a shorter lead time to production.

Test Drive ISD for Argo Today

See for yourself GitOps for Kubernetes applications with production-grade Argo, multicluster visibility, enterprise security, intelligent verification, and more.


Configure RBAC in Argo CD

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Enable SSO in Argo CD

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LDAP and OpenLDAP for ArgoCD

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