Policy and Governance for Spinnaker

The policy and governance module of ISD for Spinnaker can be used to automatically enforce security, approval, and deployment policies in your CI/CD process. ISD allows you to easily implement governance to make your SDLC compliant with industry best practices and standards. DevSecOps team can enforce security and policy checks into their deployment and delivery processes to release risk-free business features into the market.

Governance Compliance Spinnaker

ISD for Spinnaker – Policy and Governance Module

Policy-enforced deployment pipelines

Define security and deployment policies such as BlackOutWindow as per your SLDC rules and make them a part of the Spinnaker pipeline. ISD for Spinnaker automatically checks all the policies before deploying an application into any cluster. Release applications with security guards and guardrails to avoid introducing risks into the new deployments.

Approvals gates for informed decisions

To make an informed decision regarding pipeline execution, an approver may need to check the data from multiple data sources- CI systems, Git repo, SAST/DAST tools etc. The policy and governance module provides approval gates for the Spinnaker pipeline, where the ISD fetches relevant information from multiple CI/CD tools and presents the data in one place. This enables stakeholders to make informed decisions on pipeline execution.

Enterprise security with access controls

ISD provides all the enterprise security features such Authn/z to make Spinnaker fit for production usage. You can also use ISD to enable role-based access controls (RBAC) for users such as DevOps, developers, admins, and Ops team to use Spinnaker with the least privileges.

Compliance checks and Audits

OpsMx ISD for Spinnaker also provides audit reports into the policies execution during application deployments. The audit report includes information such as the number of total policies executed, the number policy violated, the application and pipeline name, etc, in a specified time interval.


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Benefits of Delivery Intelligence Module for Spinnaker

Foster Collaboration

With policy & security checks integrated into Spinnaker pipelines, the dev, ops & security team see security as a shared responsibility and collaborate to mitigate enterprise risks

Boost developer’s confidence

Automated policy controls during the deployment process increase engineers’ confidence about not inadvertently introducing any problems into production.

100% compliance

Ensure your software releases are 100% compliant with governance and industry standards such as SOX and HIPAA while maintaining a shorter lead time to production.

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