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OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) for Argo brings production-grade automation, visibility, and audit to continuous software delivery for Kubernetes environments. See for yourself how OpsMx supplements open source Argo CD and Argo Rollouts to solve the practical challenges faced by real-world enterprises. This cloud-based trial is available immediately and powered by the all new OpsMx ISD for Argo Release 4.1.2
OpsMx extends the capabilities of open source Argo to include

Enterprise-wide visibility and control – a single dashboard to see all applications and deployments across multiple Argo Instance.

Smarter Rollouts with automated analysis – AI/ML driven performance, reliability, quality, and security scores of new releases to recommend which should go to production.

Delivery insights – DORA and other deployment metrics across all connected Argo instances.

Release audit – comprehensive and automatic audit record of every deployment, capturing every step and approval in the process.

Enterprise security – RBAC, secrets management for release workflows integrated with your enterprise security systems.

Smart Gitops – Developer productivity with enterprise controls.

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