Try Argo CD Now

Get your hands on a live Argo CD environment


The community playground is for demo purpose only and OpsMx is not liable for any other Party or Member in any action or claim for Economic Harm, irrespective of any foreseeability of that harm

Argo Sand Box

Get your hands on a live Argo CD environment

Here’s the easiest way to see for yourself what Argo has to offer. The OpxMx Argo Sandbox gives you immediate access to a fully operational open source Argo cluster. There is no cost and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

What You Can Do in the Sandbox

  • Set up an application. 
  • Run a workflow. 
  • Navigate the UI. 
  • View reports. 
  • Add your own data or use existing templates.

Getting Started

Policy Management and Integration

1. Click on “Access Argo CD Playground” to head over to the Sandbox.

Continuous Security and Governance

2. Get verified using Google authentication.

Cutom Argo

3. Login and start exploring

“Argo Looks Great. Now What?”

Like what you see? It is easy to set up or access your own instance of Argo. You can visit the Argo Project page, or see how OpsMx can help.

Things to Know

A few important things to know about your OpsMx Argo Sandbox account:

  • The Argo Sandbox is shared with other users. Never use any sensitive data or run any business-critical workloads.
  • As this is a demo environment, there are some limitations, such as only deployment in existing name space and not adding new repositories or clusters.  
  • The environment is reset to a “clean” state every X days.  Anything you configure will be lost when this happens.
  • OpsMx offers the Argo Sandbox to users for demo purposes only.  Use at your own risk.