Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) for Argo


OpsMx ISD for Argo is a set of software addon modules that extend open source Argo to better fit enterprise management, security, and operations practices. Automate release verification and progressive delivery, manage application deployment across Argo instances, and enforce software compliance policies. Available as SaaS, managed service, or on-premises

isd for argo opsmx


ISD for Argo Feature

ISD for Argo Platform

  • Hardened Distribution of Argo
  • Ready to use Enterprise user management, security, integrations and advanced templates
  • Manage multiple Argo instances securely
  • 100% auditability and storage of deployments events for retrieval
  • Insights and DORA metrics to measure DevOps performance.
  • Advanced approval with integrated data sources
  • Automated enforcement of Compliance and security policies
  • Advanced automated ML based progress rollout analysis
  • Highly Available - 99.99 SLA, SoC 2
  • 24x7x365 Support


Low Operational Cost

Low Operational Cost

  • Simple Hassle-free secure Enterprise distribution
  • Maintain multiple Argo instances and simplify life-cycle management
  • Get 24/7/365 support from Argo and CD experts
  • Get 99.99 SLA on SoC 2 certified cloud solution
GitOps for Enterprise

GitOps for Enterprise

  • Ensure enterprise user management and RBAC is implemented
  • Support global teams with clusters behind firewalls
  • Get advanced enterprise tool integrations (like JIRA, SNOW etc)
  • Enforce compliance and security policies as part of the end-to-end work in an automated fashion.
Scale GitOps For Your Developers and SRE

Scale GitOps For Your Developers and SREs

  • Get pre-build validated workflow template for enterprise use cases like Terraform, Ansible deployments
  • Deploy safe with validated workflow templates for blue-green/canary/multi-service deployments with automated machine learning based analysis of rollouts.
Migration Assistance

Migration Assistance

  • OpsMx CD experts guide your migration of app delivery to Argo.

Automatically verify Argo Rollouts deployments with pre built deployment strategies like canary, blue-green, and progressive delivery