Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) for Argo


World’s leading enterprises rely on OpsMx to:

  • Accelerate new application provisioning speed by 90%
  • Reduce production errors and outages by 80%
  • Improve deployment success rates to 99%
  • Reduce diagnostics time by 30%

OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery for Argo offers the power of GitOps based deployments with ease and minimal learning curve along with AI/ML driven automation for approvals, verification, security checks and compliances for comprehensive visibility, auditability and fine grained control on your continuous delivery (CD) process, with no vendor lock-in.

isd for argo opsmx


ISD for Argo Feature

ISD for Argo Platform

  • Hardened Distribution of Argo
  • Ready to use Enterprise user management, security, integrations and advanced templates
  • Manage multiple Argo instances securely
  • 100% auditability and storage of deployments events for retrieval
  • Insights and DORA metrics to measure DevOps performance.
  • Advanced approval with integrated data sources
  • Automated enforcement of Compliance and security policies
  • Advanced automated ML based progress rollout analysis
  • Highly Available - 99.99 SLA, SoC 2
  • 24x7x365 Support


Low Operational Cost

Low Operational Cost

  • Simple Hassle-free secure Enterprise distribution
  • Maintain multiple Argo instances and simplify life-cycle management
  • Get 24/7/365 support from Argo and CD experts
  • Get 99.99 SLA on SoC 2 certified cloud solution
GitOps for Enterprise

GitOps for Enterprise

  • Ensure enterprise user management and RBAC is implemented
  • Support global teams with clusters behind firewalls
  • Get advanced enterprise tool integrations (like JIRA, SNOW etc)
  • Enforce compliance and security policies as part of the end-to-end work in an automated fashion.
Scale GitOps For Your Developers and SRE

Scale GitOps For Your Developers and SREs

  • Get pre-build validated workflow template for enterprise use cases like Terraform, Ansible deployments
  • Deploy safe with validated workflow templates for blue-green/canary/multi-service deployments with automated machine learning based analysis of rollouts.
Migration Assistance

Migration Assistance

  • OpsMx CD experts guide your migration of app delivery to Argo.

Automatically verify Argo Rollouts deployments with pre built deployment strategies like canary, blue-green, and progressive delivery