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13 – 15th October 2021

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13, 14, and 15 Oct

Modernize your Software Delivery with OpsMx @KubeCon 2021








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Our experts shall exhibit OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) Platform- modern continuous delivery platform to eliminate human intervention in the software delivery process. With OpsMx ISD your DevOps team can:

  1. Accelerate the velocity of software delivery into Kubernetes and multilcoud
  2. Deploy Kubernetes apps safely using canary and blue/green
  3. Minimise risk of production failures using AI/ML
  4. Ensure security and compliance with policy enforced pipelines
  5. Make faster and informed decision with approval gates
  6. Streamline onboarding with immediate access to OpsMx ISD

Our solutions have helped Fortune 100 companies to deploy their applications sooner, safer and smarter.

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OpsMx ISD Capabilities

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment

Deploy applications quickly and safely through out-of-box deployment strategies

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Automated Workflows

Automated pipelines for monoliths, containerized & microservices Apps

Continuous verification

Continuous verification

Minimize errors through informed insights across your deployment pipelines

Continuous compliance and audit

Continuous Compliance and Audit

Ship releases faster while ensuring policy & compliance standards met

Continuous Security

Continuous security

Safely deploy through integration of actionable security practices

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Observability and Traceability

Review audit trails into all your software delivery events.

Test Verification

Build and Test Verification

Perform informed application approvals and promotions

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Deployment and Production Verification

Speed monitoring & log analysis of deployment changes in minutes

OpsMx ISD is available in SaaS


OpsMx ISD is available in on-prem and SaaS versions. Why wait till Kubecon, you can click here to register for a demo or book a trial with us.

OpsMx is a Proud Sponsor for Kubecon 2021