Multi Cloud Deployment

Multi-cloud deployments made simple, secure and reliable

Multi-cloud and Hybrid cloud strategies are adopted by most of the enterprises due to the flexibility to deploy a workload to any cloud computing platform and maintain resiliency. However, there are several impediments- increased demand for DevOps team to learn the provisioning policies and techniques for each cloud platform; maintain compliance and security; requirement of more proficiency and effort for making cloud-specific adaptation for deployments across the globe.

Spinnaker simplifies and abstracts many details of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud and makes the deployment simple, easy, and reliable.

Multi-cloud Deployment

Spinnaker enables the faster release of features through integrations with various platforms- containerized (OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker, vSphere) and public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), and deployment application automatically.

Manage Global deployments

Spinnaker provides the ability to manage global deployments across multiple and hybrid clouds. It saves hours of developer’s productivity by surfacing information related to the health and status of running servers, clusters and applications, and metadata around deployments around the world.

Easier Deployment and Faster Rollbacks

Spinnaker abstracts concepts like Autoscaling of EC2 or manage instance in GCE or ReplicaSet in K8S and make deployment very simple for the DevOps team. In case of deployment failures, rolling back from an old server to a new one in the cloud takes only a few mins.

Self-Service Application Onboarding

Spinnaker allows you to templatize your organization practices and provides self-service onboarding of new multi-cloud applications. Spinnaker will enable owners to easily add an app, cloud services, and deployment pipelines while ensuring that they are following the organization’s best practices.

Compliance and Security

Ensure policies like GDPR and ITAR are not violated while deploying apps into multiple clouds. Allow your security and compliance team to automatically express Spinnaker policy, which can promote safe and fine-grained controls on the Spinnaker deployment pipeline.

Key Benefits

Boost developer's productivity

With Spinnaker developer can now focus on developing business logic rather becoming experts of cloud computing platforms. They can just self-serve themselves in minutes.

Improved Collaboration

Team can track lifecycle of application deliveries using OES Application Dashboard to coordinate hands-off between developer and QA.

Zero Risk

Ensure deployments are risk-free with informed rollbacks based on the status of automated canary analysis.


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