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Spinnaker is enabling enterprises to transform and automate their software delivery process, quickly becoming the industry standard platform for implementing modern continuous delivery.

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by Nirmalya Sen , June 2020

OES 2.10: Enforcing Policies during Continuous Delivery

about how the enhanced Audit feature of OES can help customers to enforce policies into their software deployments in easy and simple steps, thus bringing more visibility into policy compliance.


by Saravanan Arumugam, April 2020

How To Deploy Spinnaker In Production ?

on what Spinnaker is, why should one use spinnaker and the best Security measures for deploying Spinnaker in Production.


About OpsMx

OpsMx provides an enterprise-ready multicloud continuous delivery platform based on Open Source Spinnaker that empowers enterprises to transform their delivery of cloud-native applications to release faster with greater confidence and less risk.

about Highest number of contributors to Spinnaker only after Google and Netflix about700+ contributions made till date