Continuous Verification

Automated Release Risk Analysis & Control for Software Delivery

Avoid Bad Releases and Costly Rollbacks

Measure software readiness of applications through intelligent automated architectural regressions, performance, scalability, configuration and security analysis.

Deliver Software Faster

Increase speed of software delivery by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual verification through automated in-depth analysis with contextual diagnostics.

Deploy Applications with Confidence across Clouds

Increase confidence of your complex multi-cloud application roll-out through canary, blue/green, rolling updates real-time analysis.


Actionable Risk Assessment

Get actionable risk assessment of entire release with breakdown of components to reliably understand risks for various stakeholders: Developers, QA, Operations, Compliance and Business Owners.

Application Roll-out Analysis

Analyze applications risks during rollout using Canary, Blue/Green(Red/Black), Rolling-Blue/Green or custom release strategies in any cloud (public or private cloud).

Contextual Diagnosis

Identify problem with services update with detailed diagnostic information from logs, metrics and code in an easy to understand and shareable format.


Plugs seamlessly with CI or CD tool chains (Jenkins, Atlassian and Spinnaker) to bring automated risk assessment to your continuous delivery process.

Data Source Integrations

Integrate with your favorite monitoring tools (like Datadog, Prometheus, Stackdriver, CloudWatch), logging tools (ELK, Splunk, Sumo Logic) and APM tools (Appdynamics, New Relic)