Decentralized Control Layer

The Decentralized Control Layer creates virtualized, secure team spaces that enable autonomous teams to run CD pipelines without the overhead of operating separate, isolated CD systems. It also enables central groups – such as security, compliance, and DevOps shared services – to enforce compliance over the virtualized workspaces. The system interconnects all DevOps resources – including tools, deployment targets, and security credentials – without requiring them to be in the same security domain. Isolated credentials allow each team to have a separate security configuration. The system can support thousands of separate security credentials for the various tools and infrastructures in use across teams.

The agent framework allows dispersed geolocations to securely connect to their distributed tools and infrastructure without requiring them to be in the same security domain. A secure fabric connects the distributed targets to the distributed tools, independent of whether they are in separate VPCs or disconnected data centers. Organizational or team-level policies and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) applied to all DevOps tools and deployment targets ensure security and compliance with full auditability.

OpsMx ISD automates CD pipelines – harnessing the power of Spinnaker and Argo and deep integrations with 50+ popular CI/CD tools – with a user experience developers and DevOps teams will love

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