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3 Steps To Scale Enterprise Multi-Cloud Deployments

Releasing and deploying applications at velocity requires a best-in-class continuous deployment solution with real-time visibility and active management of risk.

Take these three steps to ensure your software delivery process is simple, easy, and reliable.

  • Make sure your software delivery solution supports all the major cloud providers as well as Kubernetes.
  • To deploy applications quickly and safely, you will need out-of-box support for deployment strategies, and a rich ecosystem of integrations.
  • Ensure you can automatically assess and predict release risk, compliance, and governance.

Accelerate your Continuous Delivery transformation for multi-cloud. OpsMx makes deployments simple, easy, and reliable. Please fill this form to ask me anything and join us for a free workshop.

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Source-to-Production Release Strategy

At The Spinnaker Summit, Robert Boule, Head of Sales Engineering, OpsMx, Nirmalya Sen, Director of Engineering, OpsMx and Gopinath Rebala, CTO, OpsMx share insights into how to use Spinnaker to orchestrate the whole process from code check-in in Git, build process in Jenkins to deployment in Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure. Obtain hand-on advice on approval gates and rollout strategies for safe deployments.


Tuesday June 22, 2021
12:00pm – 2:00pm ET
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OpsMx As Your Enterprise Strategy For Continuous Delivery

World’s Leading Intelligent Continuous Delivery Platform

Automated workflows

Deploy applications through easy-to-create and manage automated pipelines without any scripts. Automatically update monoliths, microservices, and any required infrastructure changes with confidence. Securely deploy as many changes as you need, as fast as you need.

Multi-cloud and on-prem deployments

Leverage ready-to-use support for on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Use our unique architecture to deploy across security zones. Utilize canary, blue-green and highlander strategies with automated rollbacks.

Automated risk assessment

Identify potential errors by automatically analyzing metrics, logs, and test results using AI/ML. Reduce the burden on senior engineers to validate releases, without increasing risk. Automatically apply policies and avoid production errors.

Fully hosted and securely managed

We handle the entire infrastructure and provide “no-excuses” support including best practices, proactive troubleshooting and 24*7 monitoring. Work on your own with a complete self-service interface, or rely on our experts to help.

Immediately scalable, highly available

With OpsMx Cloud, you can scale as needed, deploying a nearly unlimited number of changes. We handle the architecture, operation and management of your CD platform, including deploying to any availability zone on any cloud.

Traceability and insights

Automatically trace artifacts through all pipelines to increase security. Make better decisions using real-time visibility. Remove bottlenecks by sharing best practices across your entire deployment process.

“With OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker(OES), Cisco has improved release speed for key applications from once per month to multiple times per day”

Anil Anaberumutt
IT Architect, Cisco