Spinnaker Continuous Delivery

Fully Supported Continuous Delivery

Deliver Software Faster with Confidence

Continuous Delivery proven in production by over millions of deployments to deliver software faster through fully automated pipelines

Deploy Safely Across Clouds

Supports multiple cloud providers (public/private) with built-in safe deployment strategies like red/back or canary

Reduce Risk

Use Open Source Software(OSS) Spinnaker without the worrying about the complexity of using OSS with fully trained OpsMx team to provide Enterprise class support for your deployments


Automated Releases

Create deployment pipelines that run integration and system tests, spin up and down server groups, and monitor your rollouts. Trigger pipelines via git events, Jenkins, Travis CI, Docker, CRON, or other Spinnaker pipelines

Multi Cloud Support

Deploy across multiple cloud providers including AWS, Kubernetes, Google Compute Engine ,Microsoft Azure and Openstack

Multiple Deployment Strategies

Configure pipelines with built-in deployment strategies such as highlander, red/black and canary or define your own custom strategy

Validated Stable OSS Release

Get validated latest OSS release update soon after community release. Get the latest community enhancement without the risk

Declarative Pipelines

Fully configurable declarative pipelines with ability to set conditional execution in the pipeline. Well defined REST API for programmatic control and third party integration

Automated Verification

Verify new software releases in an automated fashion during Canary or Red/Black or Rolling Red/Black or generic deployments through integrated OpsMx Automated Verification solution


Set up event notifications for email, Slack, HipChat, or SMS (via Twilio).