Autopilot for Production Verification

With multiple deployments into production per day, dev and ops teams end up spending hours a day due to lack of visibility into how production systems and infrastructure will perform after deployment, compared to pre-deployment. Without a single tool that can proactively identify and warn about business-critical issues due to new release and how they will affect production SLAs, Ops often perform a reactive mode of operation.

Autopilot solves this problem and improves business continuity by detecting issues at earlier stages of the pipeline, continuously monitoring production systems and proactively providing 24/7 in-depth information about the performance and quality of releases.

Continuous Verification of Deployments

Use Autopilot to continuously verify your production micro-service deployments, detecting potential outages and performance degradations that often emerge a few hours after deployment.

Diagnosis and Triage

Autopilot continuously collects data from your monitoring and logging tools and applies unsupervised machine-learning to detect performance regressions and the root-causes of anomalies across business transactions and events.



Autopilot comes “out-of-the-box” with pre-built integrations for many CI/CD tools, log analyzers, and APM tools, requiring just a few minutes to integrate Autopilot with your tools and technologies.

Key Benefits

Gain Visibility

Reduce time spent in manually investigating failed test cases by 90%. Testers can now devise testing strategies, develop executable specifications, perform more exploratory testing.

Zero production downtime

Through shortening feedback loop with underlying cause of test case from logs in just few mins, developer can fix bugs in their code and quickly commit. This will reduce cycle time and enable continuous deployment.

Reduce MTTR

Ops teams can now quickly and easily roll applications back to previous versions in the case of serious performance degradation.

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