Real-time Visibility and Insight

Gain confidence to release software with the ability to identify defects in pipeline and application deployment through deep insights. Foster high trust and collaborative culture through real-time visibility of your complex deployments and their performance in different stages.

Real-time Visibility of Pipelines and App Deployments

View apps during and after deployment

Benefit: Increased confidence to release software at speed

Enable developers to monitor applications during and after deployment to production, with the ability to detect issues and request for rollback quickly to avoid disruptions.

Deep Visibility and Diagnostics into Pipeline Execution

High-level view of Pipeline health

Benefit: Increased operational efficiency in diagnosis

Get a high-level view of thousands of pipelines through a single-dashboard to ensure that it is operational feasible and receive diagnosis based on historical information.

Deep Visibility into App Deployments

Instant visibility with correlated app visibility

Benefit: Reduction in exposure by instantly identifying a deployment failure

Drive better decisions about app deployment with rich insights and visibility into hidden relationships of Metrics, API Data, and Transaction Traces.

Easy Collaboration for Approvals

Watch your Apps in Action and Collaborate

Benefit: Improved approval process through end-to-end visibility

Empower developers and operators to collaborate by gaining visibility of complex, multi-service applications, and compare application performance from QA to stage to production environments through a single view.

Insights from Historical Analysis

Improve by unraveling historical intelligence

Benefits: Improved organizational efficiency

Proactively improve the efficiency of your organization with a historical analysis of pipelines and deployments that can help identify bottlenecks and collaboratively improve the CD pipeline.

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