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OpsMx Intelligent Cloud FAQ

1). What are the overall OES 3.7 features (SaaS features of the release)?
a) OpsMx Spinnaker as-a-Service – Nothing to install, or maintain or monitor
b) 24×7 Enterprise support by OpsMx for any Spinnaker related questions
c) Always get the latest version
d) Global availability (hosted on a leading public cloud provider)
e) SLA 99.9% availability
f) Auto-scaling to meet demands
g) Secure – Isolated environment per customer and secure access and storage of data
2). Where is OES SaaS hosted?
a) Microsoft Azure hosts OpsMx Cloud.
3). What is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for OpsMx Intelligent Cloud?

a) We provide SLA of 99.9%
b) Spinnaker is deployed in multiple region with one active and others being in passive state
c) Disaster Recovery specification –

  1. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – 30min
  • Spinnaker will be back to operation in maximum 30 mins incase of any disaster.
  1. Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – 5mins
  •  With the OpsMx cloud, the RPO is just 5 mins

d) Data is ensured to be encrypted at rest and in transit. Customer data isolated from other customers with separate DBs.

4). How does a prospect sign-up?

a) Prospect sends a request by web page and we send them back login credentials in an hour.

5). When do new updates of the SaaS Spinnaker version get rolled out?
a) Updates will be rolled out to the OpsMx Intelligent Cloud (SaaS Spinnaker) instances on a regular basis. You can expect zero downtime of the system when the updates are rolled out. Users will be notified of significant feature updates via product update notifications.
b) In the event of the necessary maintenance downtime, OpsMx will provide advance notice to customers and carry out software updates in non-peak usage hours only.
6). What policies and procedures does OpsMx have in place to ensure high availability of SaaS Spinnaker?
a) The SaaS instance is deployed in HA mode. The solution will be highly available in case of disruption of service of a zone. We can host the service in a region according to customer preferences.
b) However, if the whole region is affected, e.g. due to some disaster, the service might be impacted.
7). How is a customer’s data kept secure in a multi-tenanted environment?
a) There is no sharing of infrastructure at the OpsMx Intelligent Cloud or SaaS Spinnaker instances. Hence the customer data is isolated in our SaaS instances.
b) We are hosted in Azure cloud and we rely on Azure to provide the isolation of our data from other customers. We incorporate all the security best practices that Azure recommends.
8). How are the customer’s credentials and passwords managed?
a) These are managed in Vault. Each SaaS setup has its own Vault instance.
9). Does your SaaS Spinnaker support Single Sign-On (SSO) to a customer’s on-premise authentication modules?
a) OpsMx Intelligent Cloud or SaaS Spinnaker supports SSO to existing authentication sources like: LDAP, OAuth2 sources, SAML sources
10). How do we integrate SaaS Spinnaker with other CI/CD applications we might have?
a) OpsMx cloud supports API access with the credentials we share with customers. You can integrate with other toolchains with extensions with Spinnaker. However, integration with Spinnaker requires custom work.
11). Does SaaS Spinnaker support on-prem toolchains?
a) Yes, we support on-prem tools with the help of our Anywhere Agents.
12). Are there any differences between the SaaS and on-premise versions of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker?
a) No. With OpsMx intelligent Cloud, customer can enjoy all the enterprise features available in on-prem OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker

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