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Actionable Intelligence for your CI/CD pipelines

OpsMx Secure CD offers AI/ML driven actionable intelligence to automate specific stages of the pipeline, manual approvals, release verification and associated actions (rollback). Secure CD analyzes deployment’s logs and metrics to determine performance, security, and reliability scores to ensure minimal or no production issues in blue/green, canary, and progressive deployments.

Delivery and Intelligence - Secure CD

OpsMx Secure CD – Delivery Intelligence

Automated verification of releases at scale

OpsMx Secure CD automatically verifies a new release during deployment and recommends if it is ready to go into production. It aggregates large volumes of run-time data of a new release and studies the performance and behavior. You can use the automated verification gates in the pipelines and verify software as often as desired and at each stage of progressive deployment.

Risk scores for quality, performance, reliability, and security

With the ISD delivery intelligence, you can automatically collect logs and metrics and apply NLP and unsupervised machine learning to calculate the overall risk score of new deployments. OpsMx Secure CD delivery intelligence module determines individual risk scores for quality, performance, reliability, and security.

Built-in Deployment strategies

Get pre-configured pipeline templates to implement Canary and Blue/Green deployment strategies from Day-1. The delivery intelligence module can be plugged into pipeline and the templates can be re-used to safely rollout your changes into Kubernetes and multicloud.

Integrations with observability and logging tools

Get out-of-the-box integrations for almost all log analyzers and APM tools you have already invested in. It takes a few mins to integrate with monitoring tools, fetch and analyze data, and verify the performance of your dev, test, and prod deployments.


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Benefits of Delivery Intelligence

2X-3X improvements in change failure rate

Roll out more innovation safely and at scale without worrying about production downtime or degradation of customer experiences.

80% reduction in mean time to detect (MTTD) errors

Minimize downtime while rolling out a new deployment by rapidly identifying the potential regressions in performance and quality.

Improved Dev, Ops, and SREs productivity

Remove your team’s cognitive burdens by letting them work on their core activities instead of manually verifying each rollout.

300% faster time to onboard Argo enterprise-wide

With ISD, you can let your expensive resources work on getting innovations to market rather than learning and experimenting with Argo CD and Argo Rollouts.


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